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Munich-Ai offers a wide range of services and support in all areas of crypto for investors of all levels.
We provide you all the knowledge you need on your crypto journey to make your project successful.
"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." — Benjamin Franklin.

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General Crypto & Blockchain Expertise

Learn everything you need to know about the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Get comfortable with the basics, including the types, the exchanges and learn why crypto is an ideal addition for your portfolio. Topics include: - Basics of cryptocurrency & blockchain - Different types of cryptocurrencies - Overview of the common crypto exchanges - Advantages & popularity of crypto currency - Crypto assets vs. classic forms of investments

Crypto Risk Management

The world of cryptocurrency spins fast. Risk management is what keeps traders alive in a volatile market. Boost your risk management skills and learn how to read the crypto market to minimize your losses. Topics include: - The right mindset! - The 85-15 Rule (capital allocation) - Stop loss vs. DCA - Fear and greed - The risk of Leverage

Crypto Trading Skills & Strategies

We guide you to understand the specifics of Bot-Trading, its potentials and risks, and derive strategies to use it to its best advantage. Topics include: - Trading vs. investing - Basics of Bot-Trading - Overview of different Bot-Trading plattforms - Understanding the imporance of Backtesting - Getting to know Papertrading - Different types of deposits (single vs. recurring) - Stablecoins Trading vs. AB Trading - Insight Tradingview

Crypto Security & Storage

Keeping your crypto investments safe is fundamental for crypto newcomers. Learn how to protect your cryptos and accounts from unauthorized logins and all about secure storage. Topics include: - Wallet Management - Passwort/Key Management (2FA) - Cold storage

In addition to our consulting packages, Munich AI offers Coaching & Training regarding the application and individual setup of crypto strategies and bots based on customer-specific needs.

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