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Little uptrend as predicted

The bitcoin has pushed up as we predicted in our last post. Despite lot of bis influencers and YouTubers speaking out a next down move, we traded the upwards.

So what's next?

As you can see on the picture the upper line of the resistance got formed to around 21800. As soon as Bitcoin can breakthrough this price-level we can expect a jump back to where we came from (hopefully around 23k). The other option is a sidewards move to around 21400. The only thing on the 4h chart I am a bit concerned is a big "W" pattern. This would bring us back to 20800 before breaking out to higher levels.

My personal opinion is (no financial advice) in fact tomorrow is weekend, we always have less volume in the market. Therefore we probably seeing a bit more sidewards before and touch the lower support line. Maybe also break through it and come back in short term. Latest beginning of next we I estimate break the support.

Please of course feel free join our Discord and discuss with us.

Greets and have a nice weekend,


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