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BTC is fighting again the resistance

Good morning from Munich. I just want to give you a short update regarding BTC.

Please note, it's no financial advise.

This morning we had a short peak up to around 24800 Dollars.

At the lower 30min time-frame, not sure right now if we can see it as a confirmation. The RSI middle band is still above 50. It can be seen also as a confirmation of the uptrend. The next hours will show if we pushing a bit higher or going sidewards.

My personal opinion: Is we staying a bit in a sidewards trends (resistance box) or shortly peak a bit up and going sidewards. Please note as its weekend there is less volume in the market.

For the Munich-Ai Strategy I am currently trading a buy score around 90. All my positions are closed and I have reached a new all time high.

Cheers and stay green. Happy weekend :-)

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