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Munich-Ai weekly results + internal news

Hello and good day my friends. Today I would like to share some weekly results about the performance of my Ai which is running since May (after training) this year. At first I want you to understand what kind of market we are having. I think you already know we had a strong downtrend market. Therefore I am personally really happy with the results because since the start there was a bear market ongoing.

In this downtrend market until now we were able with the Munich-Ai to gain almost 15%

My personal most important argument is at the end currently only having 1 open position. This means all positions getting closed within a really short time or will filled up with DCA and closing much faster.

This is the Munich-Ai strategy which you will find here

In case you have a normal Binance account, you can use for only 15.99$ per month the Munich-Ai signals. Its originally Ai which is running on my account and provides you same coins and performance. Please note the signals are only available on Binance right now. If you are using a different Exchange you will need the Ai running on your own hopper.

Also a really important point to note is, currently we using the buy score around 100. In a really strong bull market, we are going to reduce the buy score to around 80 and will be able depending on the own risk gaining at least 1% per day off the investment.

Important internal News:

From now on it is possible book coaching or training directly at the website.

I will help you setting up and guide you to your journey of trading with an Ai. Feel free join of course also our discord community.



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