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Will Blackrock rocket launch BTC?

Guys as you know I only want to share useful and exciting news where I personally do believe it's an added value for everyone. Therefore I just really interesting and exciting news I want to share.

The investment company Blackrock has just started a BTC fund. This is also one of the reasons we saw bitcoin last day pushing up to 25k. It is pretty exciting, because it's allowing more people investing in Bitcoin and it shows it's a serious investment behind. But if you think this is an amaizing news read the following:

With this new start of Blackrock joining crypto investments, it is possible within a really short term bitcoin can literally rocketing up in areas we haven't seen before.

Analyst says it's the most bullish news for Bitcoin every before.

As an example, to show the to give you an idea what is Blackrock able to do read keep reading the following:

As Blackrock started a cooperation with Coinbase Prime, an well known popular analyst InvestAnswers claims on a long term it is realistic for BTC it's value can climb up to 773.000$.

"If Blackrock only just adds 0,5% of their managed assets in BTC, the market-cap would be increase about 1,05 Billion dollar. This would be an increase of about 75.000 $. The price would jump in a short time up to about 98.000$. This is a gain of 326% and this is really really realistic."

Please also do your own research, I personally strongly do believe in the crypto market and it's future, that's why I am invest and planning to invest more. In my opinion this is just the beginning and we can be happing taking part this amazing rally.

What do you think about this news and what's your opinion on that?

Of course, no financial advise !


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