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Really good news for BTC / New Website

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

It has been a while for me creating a new post on the Blog. This has two reasons for me. First one the market was just going sidewards last weeks so therefore it was no useful news to share. On the other hand I was working hard on my new Website. If you reading this Blogpost right now, you probably have seen already the new design and logo. I already informed the discord channel a couple of days ago about the new website. I hope you enjoy it. For me it was important to keep it more clean and more to the point what we are actually doing. As we are currently working on increasing our business activity.

Munich-Ai also will focus in future more about consulting for private and business, because we believe we need to bring not also crypto and blogchain thematics, as well as the real trading to the people outside. It is clearly true Crypto will be the future asset and affect the complete world economy. Therefore, if you know somebody or having a business which is interested, please contact us on the contact form. We highly appreciate it.

Regarding BTC:

I am personally really happy about the current situation and facts. Because in my opinion what we have seen last days could be a significant change for the crypto market.

Please check out the picture below. We see of course the movement of BTC middle of July until now. The redline is the NASDAQ on 4h timeframe. I quite often compared both of the assets and suggested always to check what the traditional markets are doing. Bitcoin was usually acting exactly like the NASDAQ but behaving more volatil.

Based on the current market situation, which haven't really changed in the world was the NASDAQ acting like expected - moving downwards. But on the other hand BTC stays stable right now. I really hope this could be a sign in the market and BTC will seen in general as an inflation-stable asset as it was made for it. Next weeks/month will show further movements in this directions.

Another amazing news is the trading volume in BTC. It has its absolutely new highest record on the volume. Just think about if the market turns completely bullish again in terms on the volume what could be possible. Even as a lot of FIAT currencies currently don't have a good ratings, people more and more moving into the BTC. There is a really interesting article about the recent fall down of the British Pound and how the big investors mainly moved into BTC. by following link. You might need to translate the Website, as its written in German ;-)

This is my news for now, I hope its informative for you and feel free to comment or share as you like. See you in discord. :-)

Greets and have a great weekend,


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