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Long-term DCA-Settings 3commas/Mizar/Binance

Dear Customer,

The Long-Term strategy of Munich-Ai was designed to offer solid and stable settings. This strategy let the bot (3Commas/Mizar-Settings) work for you in all market conditions. It will constantly DCA dips and will help to cover stronger drops until -60% with the standard settings. Furthermore we can adjust settings together in a more safe or defensive way, but the standard settings have been tested for the longest times and proofed its success. 


Relatet video


After buying this strategy please contact Munich-Ai including your reference purchase number and arrange an individual video call meeting.


Munich-Ai is a professionel company in Munich and founded by Patrick. Please note this is just a setup service and no financial advice or financial product. You as a buyer are completly responsible by yourself for usage of 3commas/Cryptohopper/Mizar. Please also note Crypto-trading can be highly volatile and you can loose your funds. Munich-Ai is also not providing any tax-information. 

Long-term DCA-Settings 3commas/Mizar/Binance

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