What is Munich-Ai❓

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Our intention is to offer high quality trading equipment to use on Cryptohopper.com. We also offer trainings and coaching on our strategies and best full-time services 24/7 on discord. Munich-Ai founded by Patrick, is the idea bringing people from all over the world together for sharing experiences and learn from each other. In the past year we have already built up a huge friendly and helpful community, you will not find on any other communities so far. Respect and mutual support are the fundamental basis of our community. Why don't you just join us and give a try...

Before starting you have to read and accept our DISCLAIMER


👣 Simply few steps to start

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1️⃣. Get a Cryptohopper compatible exchange

Check out cryptohopper.com for compatible exchanges. Note different exchanges having different trading fees. We strongly recommend Binance or KuCoin.

2️⃣. Create a Cryptohopper account 

Create a Cryptohopper-Account. We strongly recommend doing at least a week of paper trading to get a feeling for the bot and our strategies.


3️⃣. Download Munich-Ai Strategie plus a suitable Template

Download our most valueable Strategies/Signls and Templates on the Cryptohopper-Marketplace by clicking the download button


4️⃣.Join DISCORD for
more Information & 24/7 support👥

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Youtube video-guides 🎥


"Just started in the trading industry but I am a fast learner and I can tell compared to all others, that this is one of the best strategies out there which also leaves me to scale it up or down. Also, the support is phenomenal!!! Thank you."

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For further information and support never hesitate to contact us.

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